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Final Thoughts

Write a blog on your “Final Thoughts for Social Media”. Sure, let’s think about this. Final thoughts are like that segment of the show where you wrap everything up in order to leave your audience with a pondering thought or a good feeling on the inside. On the other hand, if you’re Tomi Lahren, you manage […]

Big Steps Forward Made Live

Predicting the future has never been easy. Theories about our everyday lives have varied from eerie successes all the way to miserable failures. From the prediction of wireless devices in 1909 (success) to home computers one day being able to weigh a mere 1.5 tons (failure), human society has always been trying to guess what […]

Before and After A “Digital Interview”

Before There’s no doubt that the digitalization of business has had a great impact on how companies recruit their employees. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Monster, or even ZipRecruit have taken over how talent gets discovered and eventually hired. But rather than focus on how technology has changed the exposure in the process, I wanted to […]

Insane in the Supply Chain

I’ve noticed that plenty of students in the course have taken the time to either present or write about how technology and social media has impacted the world of fashion. We’ve seen a variety changes across the industry, whether it be the new socialized way to shop or instant live stream of runway shows. There […]

Instant Gratification. All the Time.

  We’ve all read or heard about the stereotypical behavior of the millennial. So what do we know? Well, we know that there is a general consensus that millennials were born sometime in the early to mid-1980’s. We know there are positive associations with being a millennial, such as being innovative, well-educated, and having a desire […]

Digitalization of Relationships… It’s Complicated

Has someone slide into your DM’s? Ever been on a date? Doesn’t matter if you said yes or no to any of these questions. This blog is about the digitalization of relationships. Read it.

Initial Expectation for Social Media

Write a blog on the “Initial Expectation for Social Media”. Sure. Let’s think about this. When I hear the words “initial expectation”, I think back on the countless experiences I have had growing up where I walked into an event or situation with preceding judgment before actually experiencing said topic. What I find funny is […]