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Just A Few Takeaways From Social Media & Digital Business

I feel like I have learned a lot from this course, but here are just a few of the many thoughts I am walking away with:   1).  It’s probably a good idea to have a “social media mishap” response plan in place. One thing I have definitely learned from this class?  A strong response […]

The New York Times: Renewed Efforts In The Digital Age

In the world of increasingly digital everything, it isn’t exactly novel news that newspapers have been struggling to adapt and stay relevant. Print media has been decaying, as more and more people prefer to read the news in an online format rather than through the traditional newspapers or magazines. And most reporting agencies have had […]

Digital Newsletters

Every day, I receive an abundant number of emails from so many different companies that are attempting to better engage their customers through newsletters.  Unfortunately, nearly all of those emails get moved straight to my “trash” folder, and I rarely ever open any of them (although there will be the occasional subject line that actually […]

How’s Your Congressman’s Twitter?

At a moment in time when there seems to be more and more going on with American politics every single day, I think it is important for every person living in this country to also become more involved in local politics than most of us are currently.  While national policy decisions are undeniably important, it […]

Crowdfunding’s Very Recent Growth: Related to Obamacare Suppression?

The reason I chose crowdfunding as my presentation topic had a lot to do with all of the personal (rather than the business) uses of crowdfunding that I have noticed on social media the last few weeks.  In particular, it was the spike in use of this type of social media for medical costs that […]

Instagram & Celebrity Promotions

Instagram & Celebrity Promotions It seems like nowadays, almost everyone our age follows at least a couple of celebrities on Instagram, Twitter, or some other type of social media platform. They provide us regular folk with a chance to get an entertaining glance into their dramatic lives, and there are often opportunities for funny new […]

Giving Social Media Another Chance

My initial thoughts on social media and digital business are mostly thoughts of intrigue. I used to think I knew what social media was, and what the purpose of it was. It had always just seemed to be something that existed in the world around me, and I had never really taken the time to […]