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Final Thoughts: Going Viral

I would like to start out this post by taking a look at this picture above. When I Googled “social media images,” the resulting pages spit out millions of pictures of the common social media platforms in today’s day and age, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But amongst these images, I came across the above […]

What’s Your Favorite Monopoly Token?

Would you like to buy Fenway Park for $3,500,000? Want to trade your Liberty Bell for my Red Rocks Amphitheater? Can I add three hotels to my Waikiki Beach property? Pass “GO,” collect $2,000,000. These are all common questions and phrases that you will hear if you are playing Monopoly Here and Now, one of the […]

Disney is watching you

PSA: Right now you’re reading from the biggest Disney kid out there. I grew up going to Disney World every year with my family, constantly watching all the latest movies and collecting too many stuffed animals. Ask me any trivia question about Disney…I dare you. This past summer I continued my trend, going down to Orlando again […]

10 Ways to Make a “Friend”

Google defines a “friend” as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. This is someone who you have a solid connection with that usually consists of multiple things in common. You typically enjoy each other’s presence and support each other’s beliefs, values, and desires. Friendships can range in […]

OMG Did You See the New Snapchat Filter?

Like many people I know, one of the first things I do upon waking up is reach for my phone to see what’s going I. Of course, it is essential to catch up on all of the latest Instagram posts I missed, as well as the group message conversations that occurred while I was sleeping. Maybe I’ll even […]

Just Me and My Bitmoji

            With the progression of technology, there is finally a way for me to create my own little virtual minion that looks exactly like me. WOOOOOOOOO! I can share my new pal with all my friends and family through text messages and social media platforms like Snapchat. And who can we thank for […]


8:00 PM *Phone vibrates*…answers text message. 8:05 PM *Phone vibrates*…replies to Snapchat. 8:06 PM *Phone doesn’t vibrate*…checks Instagram. 8:09 PM *Phone vibrates*…answers text message. 8:14 PM *Wonders why phone isn’t vibrating*…checks text messages. 8:18 PM *Phone doesn’t vibrate*…checks Twitter. 8:19 PM *Phone still doesn’t vibrate*…checks Twitter again.       This series of events tends to […]