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Well, that’s a wrap #IS6621

Social Media has been a big part of my life growing up and it will keep evolving and changing in order to stay relevant. Many people who do not like social media are just scared to adopt it because of the volatility that comes along with it. It’s like driving a car or learning how […]

500 followers & 3 stalkers

When we meet a new person we automatically go home to “stalk” them on social media in order to get a better idea of who they are and who they hang out with. The normal things to look at are where they went to school, what sports they played, and if you have mutual friends. […]

I Gave Up Snapchat for Lent

I gave up Snapchat for lent and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Some may ask if this was really the hardest thing to give up for 40 days…sadly yes. I am a millennial who is addicted to social media and I have no shame about saying that. 40 days of giving up something that […]

Creating Your Own “Real”ity

Has your Instagram and Facebook newsfeed been packed with spring break pictures? Is every single guy and girl posting a new bathing suit picture every day? If you work hard for your body and are proud of it, by all means flaunt it, but if you are someone who is insecure do not feel the […]

Binge Watching is so in this Season

Netflix started the new trend of binge watching shows that we used to grow up with and they have even created their own original content. But now as they are getting more rights to content they are able to show whole new seasons of shows a few months after they hit the air. Netflix is […]

“He’s cute…let me stalk him first”

Has social media completed changed what the word “dating” means? The label “dating” was used when you went on a few dates with someone and you were seen walking around holding hands. Now dating consists of constantly texting and appearing in the significant other’s Instagram page. How come the first in-person interaction with someone is […]

Initial Thoughts: No Expectations

 My History with Social Media: 2006 – First awesome blue flip phone (back in the era T9 word) 2007 – AIM account created and email ( my mother thought I needed a gender neutral account name so I couldn’t get trolled…maybe she had the right idea) 2012- I finally got the luxury of getting […]