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Reflecting on reflections

What’s most interesting about this course is that you can never be a complete master of it, but that’s completely okay. Social and digital business is always changing and there will always be more to learn. We may be leaving the class, but we will still be immersed everyday in everything we have been discussing. From discussing personal implications for […]

We have attention spans shorter than goldfish

  The digital age of smartphones and other devices has caused the average human attention span to decrease so much that even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer. Those with more digital lifestyles have difficulty focusing in environments where prolonged attention is necessary. With so much content available at our fingertips, we are becoming […]

Using technology in K-12 gym classes

Fewer than half of high school students meet the federal standards for physical activity (60 minutes of physical activity daily). U.S. schools may soon be testing a new fitness tracker from Adidas in K-12 gym classes to support physical education, and encourage kids to get and stay active. Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence […]

#PrayforBrussels and Using Social Media During a Tragedy

Compare how you discovered the news about the Brussels bombings to how you found out about the September 11 terrorist attacks. In a span of 15 years, what we used to hear about on TV or read in the newspaper now became what we instantly receive updates about on our smartphones. As we have discussed before, social […]

Disney’s MagicBands: An Investment in Consumer Data

In my Operations Management course, we recently studied how Disney tackles a major theme park process problem: lines. An article by the New York Times that we read for class is what inspired this blog post. The Happiest Place on Earth has decided that it needs to evolve to stay relevant to the “entertain-me-right-this-second” generation, […]

BuzzFeed: An Industry Leader in the Social and Digital Landscape

Whether it’s “19 Photos of Dogs Being Adorable During The Blizzard” or “12 Love Scenes Improved By a Chipotle Burrito,” BuzzFeed’s catchy titles are bound to catch your eye. On an average day on Facebook, I am likely to encounter a BuzzFeed article that is either shared on my news feed, or posted to a […]

Great Expectations

As an avid user of social media, I can’t remember a world without social connectivity. I rely on social media platforms at all times of the day to stay up to date with current events, connect with friends even if they are sitting right next to me, and to keep me entertained. When I first […]