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Congrats grads! (and everyone else too)

Congratulations! As usual, the semester flew by as finals drag by ever so slowly as the only thing standing between usĀ and freedom. Thankfully, this class made the semester much more enjoyable and if I were to miss anything about being in school, this class would be up there. Mostly I’ll just be happy to graduate […]

the use of digital technologies in stalking and domestic violence

This week’s post is a follow up to my presentation on the use of technology in stalking and domestic violence (sorry I had posting dates written down wrong so you’ll hear from me next week too). For all of the benefits of social media and other digital technologies, unfortunately people have found ways to use […]

94% of Tech workers give their companies and industry a passing grade on diversity… but they are not alone

I came across an article on Bloomberg that looked at the results of a diversity survey of over 1400 employees in the tech industry so I decided to take a deeper look at the study for discussion in my blog this week. In light of recent class discussions about incidents at Uber and more broadly […]

Hey, you’re good with technology, can you do this? (being the “young” person in the office)

When you are the “young” person in the office, you may often get assigned numerous odd tasks related to technology. I say “young” because it is always a relative term. Sometimes this may be a convenient excuse to assign you tediousĀ tasks, other times it may come from a lack of technological awareness or competency. The […]

Road trips in the digital age

Airline tickets are reasonably affordable but for some reason I still enjoy a road trip. Maybe it’s because I’m a little nostalgic of family trips we took when I was a kid or the sense of adventure in being able to stop off somewhere random and see something new. It’s one thing to see the […]

It wasn’t merely Chance… The digital world is changing entertainment industries

Last night Chance the Rapper made history by becoming the first artist to win a Grammy without being signed to a major record label (actually he won three and was nominated for seven, which is amazing even for the most established artists working with an agency for years). In fact, this was the first time […]

Initial thoughts on social media

Social media has become a central component of one’s identity in American society today and I’m not quite sure how to feel about that. On the one hand, people are able to connect with each other instantly from almost anywhere in the world but as many have noted, there is fear this digital connection may […]