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it feels good to be human

someone tell me how it’s may 2017 already??? I showed up to Stokes 195S on the first Wednesday of the semester hoping that I’d make it onto the roster. I saw a lot of familiar faces (although most of them dropped out after the first-day warnings feat. prof Kane) and just really wanted to explore the […]

my news feed has time zones

In my first blog post about initial thoughts, I wrote about how we live in a world no longer bound by time and space. The digital age has brought us together by freeing us from the restrictions of geography and time zones, as well as giving us an opportunity to further develop our networks that cater to […]

why are you white?

So I was bored last week and took a Facebook quiz that popped up on my timeline. And this is what happened: to which some of my friends responded with sarcastic comments on the whitewashing of Hollywood. And this reminded me of some online movements and discussions from the last few years that aimed to dissipate a long-standing trend in American film […]

are you ok?

When I left to study abroad in Paris, I was thrilled to find that my host family assignment was in the Montmartre area. I lived just around the corner from the cafe Amélie worked at in my favorite movie of all time, and the entire neighborhood was located on a hill where the sun would […]

beauty is in the eye of the follower

Inner beauty’s great, but coloring your face is more fun. I love makeup and I want to work in the cosmetics industry because I believe in the expressive power of brushes and pigments. So naturally, my news feeds on Instagram and Facebook are filled with clips by beauty bloggers, and most of my suggested posts […]

swipe right material

So for yesterday’s class, our group was assigned to read about the future of Facebook. Not surprisingly, the reading talked a lot about successful acquisitions and technology to come, but what really struck me was the emphasis on the humanness that guided the company from its incipience and will be leading it toward a better […]

yeah I want to work in social media

The assignment title said “initial thoughts” so I’m going to try to write this without thinking too much, because my other two drafts ended up not genuine at all. So here goes my third attempt; I want to describe how I got here and what I expect to get out of this class so that […]