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What comes next?

I have often found the the question “what comes next?” frequents milestones. In this case, it has to do with graduation coming in just a few weeks. I could give you the plain answer, that I am going to do a cross-country road trip and then take a few weeks to relax before starting work […]

Meal Kits

Everybody needs to eat, thats a pretty simple idea to understand, but its what we eat and how we eat it that seems to very so drastically. I was lucky to grow up with a stay at home mom who would cook dinner for my siblings and I most nights. We did get take out […]

Texting while driving

Raise your hand if you have ever texted while driving, the people around you are probably wondering why your hand is raised but odds are it is. Now raise your hand if you have ever looked away from the road to find the perfect song or playlist, or even just made a phone call. That […]

Have you met TED?

TED talks have seemed to become ever present in education over the last decade, as well as growing in popularity all across social media. This is no doubt related to the rise of youtube, and an ever growing access to TED talks on all different subjects and industries. My public speaking class last semester was […]

And the Oscar goes to… Amazon?

There are many benefits associated with Amazon Prime, faster shipping being the popular reason why someone would subscribe to the service. However, as non-traditional viewing habits continue to increase, the best reason may actually be Prime Video. Amazon’s service is similar to that of Netflix, offering a large library of ready to stream movies and […]

Social Media Displays of Affection

In the age of over-sharing and social media, it is no surprise that valentines day and Instagram go hand-in-hand. Just a simple scroll down your Instagram feed today and you will most likely be bombarded by posts of friendsĀ and their significant other, or for those who are single maybe something like a bottle of wine […]

My Social Media Experience

My first foray into social media was in the thirdĀ grade when my brother set up an AOL Instant messenger account for me. The gesture was nice, but I don’t think I actually used the account until a few years later. It was only a year after that that I first heard about Facebook. Although I […]